Episode 79: How Can I Overcome My Fears of Public Speaking? With Sylvain “Sly” Hache

Episode 79: How Can I Overcome My Fears of Public Speaking? With Sylvain “Sly” Hache

Did you know 75% of people say they are terrified by public speaking? If you are part of that statistic, you don't need another coaching program that teaches you how to practice speaking on a stage. There is a better, more effective way to create meaningful connection with your audience, and it all comes down to confidence!

In this episode, Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC, talks with Sylvain “Sly” Hache, an award-winning, international-touring musician, speaker, and coach about his unique approach to get to the root cause of your public speaking fears!

Learn about:

  • How Sly overcame chronic stuttering

  • Why “normal” is not the same as “natural” and how that applies to you

  • Why your subconscious mind is affecting your messaging

  • How to track down your anxiety in your body and deal with the root cause

  • How to remove objection barriers inside of you and in your audience

  • What it means for the speaker to be better than the speech

  • How to present from your “peace of mind”

  • How a good coach should approach working with clients

Connect with Sly:

Website: https://www.nextlevelpublicspeaking.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvainslyhache/?originalSubdomain=ca

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