Episode 12: THE SPICY MONEY SERIES - Religion & Money with Alex Pursglove

Episode 12: THE SPICY MONEY SERIES - Religion & Money with Alex Pursglove

In this episode of THE SPICY MONEY SERIES, Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC and Alex Pursglove talk about Religion & Money...and how each of us experienced "wrong-making" and a fear of separation from God/Source/the Divine/Unconditional Love in early childhood. From embracing personal growth and shifting limiting beliefs, Alex Pursglove transformed from a people-pleasing, self-criticizing, and struggling solopreneur into an unapologetic woman running a thriving coaching business. Once she learned how to release shame and become more fully expressed, she 10X'd her business in under two years while strengthening her faith, marriage, and personal fulfillment.

We're not talking Bible verses or debating the merits of different faith traditions. Instead, we're talking about trust. Self-trust. Where and how it gets broken, and how to start listening to yourself, your highest self, again to build the life of your dreams.

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