Episode 23: When Money Stories Collide with Hannah Chapman

Episode 23: When Money Stories Collide with Hannah Chapman

What happens when money stories collide in a romantic or business partnership? Financial stress is a leading cause of both divorce AND business failure...and what happens when your romantic partner IS your business partner? Or when both romantic parnters are entreprenuers?

Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC dives into it on the podcast today to open up the conversation around how our money stories, especially those from our formative years from age 0 to 7, can show up in our lives as adults and cause serious relationship friction in personal and business partnerships if we aren't giving ourselves the space and support to become aware of those stories in ourselvs and our partners. And once we do that, we are then able take new, bold, aligned action towards what we truly want to create in business and life.

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