FunFacts With ...

FunFacts With ...

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Dear Podcast listener,

We all have that one friend who knows a little about everything. You know the one. They present weird and querky facts with such confidence you would never know if they were lieing.

In my friends group I am that friend.

Welcome to the podcast Fun Facts with...

Each episode My friends and I will Present you With some answers about life on this little weird blue planet with a twist.

Its a Game Show.

I will Present my friends with three categories of three facts ranging from odd History to the strange origins of every day household objects. It is my friends job to figure out which one of the facts in each category is untrue. They will have 1 hint per category and one 50/50 per game. If they find at least 2 of the lies they get the chance to flip the script and try to stump me.

So get ready to Laugh, Learn, And Play along with Me and my friends.

Thank you For Listening,

Connor J Casady

(A FFW Production)

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