FunFacts With ... Cavatica

FunFacts With ... Cavatica

This episode is Exciting. It's the second Episode with someone i've never met in person. This particular guest is full of fun facts and is really good at explaining them in terms anyone can understand. So put on your thinking caps, Grab your favorite beverage, and get ready to play along at home.

Welcome to fun facts with… Cavatica

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  3. Due to the Space inside Atoms, You Are Mostly Made up of Empty Space (

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  2. I can show my work. The Math is as follows.

    1. As we don't know the Exact length of time 225-250 Million years. We should first average these out to get a rough middle point between them.

      1. 225mil+250mil= 475mil

        1. 475mil/2= 237.5mil

    2. Then we simply divide the known age of the sun by the approximate length of time it takes to rotate around the galaxy

      1. 4.603 Billion

        1. 4,603,000,000 / 237,500,000= 19.38105263157895.


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