Episode 2 Q&A:Black and Blue

Episode 2 Q&A:Black and Blue

In this Q & A episode of Demystifying Diversity Podcast, Daralyse and AnnaMarie delve more deeply into the topics discussed in Black and Blue: An Exploration of the Inequities in a Broken Criminal Justice System.

They speak about how the horrific deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and others have spurred worldwide protests as part of the largest social justice movement in United States history, review statistics of wrongful and conflated convictions of BIPOC, and speak about how the criminal justice system advantages wealth persecutes poverty.

In this episode, Daralyse and AnnaMarie discuss de-escalation techniques, such as “calculate, locate, communicate, breathe, and exhale”, a system utilized by Dr. Howard Stevenson, who teaches police officers how to bring mindfulness practices to charged racial moments, and discuss the importance of reimagining the relationship power dynamics that traumatize communities of color and traumatize law enforcement officers.

In the listener question segment, listeners call and email with a host of questions some of which include: How can BIPOC transcend the trauma inflicted by the criminal justice system and find personal empowerment in the wake of horrible situations? What specific police reforms are being taken by the Radnor police department? What does it mean to “defund the police”? And Is Black Lives Matter a movement or an organization? (Spoiler alert: It's both.)

This episode will inspire you to interrogate your biases, embrace more anti-racist perspectives, and question the status quo.

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