Episode 3 Q&A:Asian Studies

Episode 3 Q&A:Asian Studies

In this Q & A episode of the Demystifying Diversity Podcast, Daralyse and AnnaMarie delve more deeply into the topics discussed in Episode 3, Asian Studies: An Examination of How the Model Minority Myth Has Contributed to the Virus of Hate Afflicting Asians in America.

They speak about the profound impact of language and how words have the power to weaponize or unite. They explore the interconnection of oppression that afflicts Black and Asian communities, revealing how the “model minority myth” is a way to create division between communities of color. And finally, they talk about hope and unity and how our capacity to love becomes strengthened by our capacity to step outside of our comfort zones.

In this episode, you will be asked to think about the ways in which you can shift your language and your perspective to ensure that your thoughts and words are in alignment with your true values.

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