Episode 7 Q&A:Survival After Genocide

Episode 7 Q&A:Survival After Genocide

In this Q & A episode of the Demystifying Diversity Podcast, Daralyse and AnnaMarie delve more deeply into the topics discussed in episode seven, Survival After Genocide: A Conversation about the Enduring Impact of the Holocaust and the Human Capacity for Resilience.

Daralyse and AnnaMariespeak about the importance of learning history for the sake of not repeating it and reveal the insights they've gleaned from hearing the stories of survivors. They discuss Holocaust education and the disparity of information between various states.

Daralyse and AnnaMarie share their outrage and sadness that there are those who deny the Holocaust and they speak about the devastation that comes from anti-Semitism.

In this episode, you will have the opportunity to explore the areas of overlap and intersection that we share as humans and to move from bystander to upstander.

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