Episode 8:LGBTQIA+: Embracing the Spectrum of Human Sexuality and Gender Identity

Episode 8:LGBTQIA+: Embracing the Spectrum of Human Sexuality and Gender Identity

In this episode of the Demystifying Diversity Podcast, Daralyse Lyons interviews a variety of people within the LGBTQIA+ community about the ways in which they have navigated living within a binary-obsessed, heteronormative society. She explores the ways that binary understandings of gender and sexuality are oppressive and how practicing the emotional skill of vulnerability enables us to connect more deeply to others and to ourselves. By embracing the complexity and intersectionality of identity, we are empowered to embrace and embody love.

Through the stories and experiences of the voices in this episode, you will be asked to examine the continuums and spectrums of identity and to question your biases and beliefs. You will be asked to think about the ways in which LGBTQIA+ advocacy has paved the way for liberation and self-expression for millions and to appreciate the monumental impact of the Gay Liberation Movement, the Stonewall riots, the first Gay Pride marches, and the ways in which the LGBTQIA+ community is pushing back against external and internal oppression.

As we move forward, it is essential to ask yourself: How have I been performing gender in my life in ways that do not serve me?

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Demystifying Diversity: Embracing Our Shared Humanity Buy the Book

Voices featured:

-Nadine Rosechild Sullivan

-Rob O'Neil

-Oliver DeLuz

-Vara Cooper

-Timaree Schmidt

-Angela Gardner

-Anonymous Gender non-conforming parent pf a trans-identifying child

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