Episode 10:Interracial Marriages: A Celebration of the Evolution from Illegal to Accepted

Episode 10:Interracial Marriages: A Celebration of the Evolution from Illegal to Accepted

In this episode of the Demystifying Diversity Podcast, Daralyse Lyons explores the history of, and present day occurrences of, interracial love and marriages. She interviews eight interracial couples of various races, cultures, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. Throughout the episode, it becomes clear that, although every interracial couple has their own unique story, there is still something that they all share in common: six decades ago, their love would have been legally prohibited in certain states.

Interracial couples have pressed forward, and their doing so has helped shift public perceptions about interracial love. However, even in 2021, many interracial couples face mockery and scorn, and this came out in many of the interviews.

Now that people are free to marry across racial lines, cross-racial and cross-cultural unions have become more ubiquitous and more celebrated. The hope would be that love can melt away prejudice and bias, yet that is not always the case.

This episode illuminates that loving people for who they are requires seeing them for who they are and not superimposing our own judgments onto certain individuals or groups. Getting to know people in an authentic way and moving beyond incorrect assumptions requires more representation, visibility and allyship. This episode will challenge you to examine your biases and internalized racism. It is an invitation to deepen your investment in creating a world where love, in all its myriad expressions, is not only safe but celebrated.

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Resources to explore:

Demystifying Diversity: Embracing Our Shared Humanity by Daralyse Lyons Buy the Book

Voices Featured:

AnnaMarie and Chris Jones

Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta and Thomas Agresta

Marissa and William Gwynn

Ashlee and Emmanuel Aouad

Sarah and Milind Gandhi

Malynda Hale and John Volk

Michelle (Chelle) Campos Velez and Armee Grace Campos

Nikky and Ben


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