The Fight Gravity Show Episode 8: What it really takes to quit smoking.

The Fight Gravity Show Episode 8: What it really takes to quit smoking.

Episode 8: What does it really take to quit smoking? Join me and my friend Flavio as he talks about why he started smoking and why he needed to quit. He will share key take aways that will help to finally quit!

00:00​ introduction and when he first started smoking

01:09​ Is it common for people to smoke in Brazil?

02:13​ Is smoking a macho thing in Brazil?

03:37​ How long has smoking been a social norm in Brazil?

04:58​ Social status of smokers versus non smokers when you were growing up

06:19​ Teenagers don't think long term. Actions have consequences

07:50​ Recap how smoking started and when did it get really addictive

08:49​ We are all addicted to something!

11:55​ What were his smoking habits?

16:51​ Life towards the end of high school

19:45​ Stress at home

23:46​ We always have a choice

25:32​ The routine of smoking

27:06​ Did you very think you would quit smoking?

29:44​ Did the reasons why you smoke stay the same? What about the triggers?

31:42​ thinking you'd never be able to quit

33:36​ The breaking point: realizing you need to quit

36:35​ The first step taken to quit smoking

38:12​ E-Cigarettes aren't bad. They are a tool

42:48​ The poisonous effects of nicotine

46:06​ How does it feel now to be smoke free?

50:33​ Flavio's short list on how to quit smoking

51:54​ Final Thoughts

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