Goodnight: A Podcast Full of Stories!

Goodnight: A Podcast Full of Stories!

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A Limited Series of Public Domain Audiobooks. Read chapter by chapter weekday nights. Sunday through thursdays Begining at 6 pm.

All of the books we read are free from copyright and in the public domain.

When we were kids our parents or guardians would read to us and tell us storiesas we were relaxing and drifting off to sleep. In todays hustle and bustle it has gotten more and more difficult to find the time to read to kids let alone read to ourselves. This podcast is intended to serve as a way that kids from 3-143 can relax with a chapter read to them before bed.

Our narrator puts their 20+ years of theater experiance reading and bringing new life to favorite family classics like "Alice's adventures in wonderland & Through the Looking Glass" By Lewis Caroll and throwing in the occasional mature audiance book like "Lady Susan" by Jane austin.


Just because the books are in the public domain in the united states does not mean they are in the public domain in your country. Please know your own local copyright laws. This podcast and any of its affiliates are not responsible for any fees incurred by listening to this podcast in a place where the works may still be in copyright.

(A FFW Production)