Revelation - Lesson 13

Revelation - Lesson 13

In this 13th lesson from the book of Revelation, Pastor Raul leads us even further into the imagery of the Throne room from chapters 4 and 5.

In chapter 5, verses 1 through 7, John introduces us to the image of the scroll with the seven seals and the “having been slaughtered Lamb” that conquered through his sacrifice. We will discuss the possible contents of the scroll, the significance of the seals, and—perhaps most importantly why “the Lion of Judah” that John hears about turns out to be a “Having been slaughtered Lamb.”

It is likely that many times in our lives we will find that what we thought about scripture and God is not actually what the Bible teaches. It is at these junctures in our walk with God that we must allow the scripture to recreate our image of God and His will. The juxtaposition between the lion and the lamb is meant to have that effect.

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