Lesson 15 - The Four Horsemen

Lesson 15 - The Four Horsemen

We are now in the 15th lesson from the book of Revelation and we are about to get into some serious symbolism and some really strange visions. In this lesson we are going to focus on the four horsemen.

We are going to, from the scriptures and through reason, learn why the four horsemen might speak most clearly to our world today. We are going to address some questions like, “Is Jesus the rider on the white horse?” Are the horses and the riders angels or demons that are sent by God?” When will they come?

The theologian N.T. Wright is correct and we need to understand the four horsemen because, “Unless we lay out the problems to their full extent, no real healing can take place. Unless the ills of the world are brought out, shown up in their true colours, put on display and allowed to do their worst, they cannot be overthrown. Unless the four horsemen ride out and do what they have to do, the scroll cannot be read. The victory of the lion-lamb will not be complete. (Wright 60)

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