from the heart | Pastor Jason Caddy

from the heart | Pastor Jason Caddy

Jason Caddy.

a follower of Jesus without bounds. a husband that loves his wife like Christ loves His church. a father who is respected by his children. a pastor who has impacted thousands upon thousands of lives. a friend you can always count on. a mentor that isn't going to sugar coat advice.

Pastor Jason is honestly one of my favorite human beings. I would not be half the leader, half the minister, half the man I am today if it wasn't for his leadership, love and heart to serve. this is a huge honor for me because Jason means so much to me and to have him teach the people that God has entrusted me with makes my heart so happy. I've had a lot of leaders come and go from my life, but Jason still cares enough to answer the phone. I am forever grateful for him, his wife and his children. It may be a digital message, but the power is the same. when people come on Sunday, I pray that they come with anticipation and expectation. I pray that they come hungry. I pray that they come with an open heart. it is such a blessing to unleash my friend, Pastor Jason Caddy on my congregation. lets get it.


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