You're Qualified - To Be A CFO and Podcast Founder

You're Qualified - To Be A CFO and Podcast Founder

I have a little secret for you: talent, skills, and success are not defined by a college degree - they aren't even always formed by a college degree. Let that sink in. But before you throw your $100k plus degree paper out the window and scream at me, hear me out. A degree can absolutely help you. If college isn't the path for you, you can still be successful without it. Kevin Palmieri joins Courtney today on the 22nd episode of the You're Not Qualified podcast. He is co host, founder, and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Next Level University, a multi 6-figure, global top 100 podcast. He developed his business and his business presence from the ground up; he helps others do the same on their own podcast journeys.

The topics in this episode are poignant and really cut to the heart. Kevin gives a no bullshit love approach to coaching, and to his advice in this episode.

Let's see if you really have what it takes. (you probably do, trust.)

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