You're Qualified - To Create A Chart-Topping Audio Drama

You're Qualified - To Create A Chart-Topping Audio Drama

Audio dramas have been around for decades (you will have to listen to this episode to know exactly how long.. or Google it but I would rather you listen just saying) but they haven't been done quite like this before. The Icarus Complex audio drama is the story of a young black man's journey through life and [mostly] love. It is set in the 90's, so expect that sweet, sweet nostalgia of simpler times that we just had no clue were simpler but I promise if I can go back I will appreciate them more. Promise! Take me back!

Courtney chats with Linden, the master mind behind this episodic, raw tale of Liam - a sometimes all-too-familiar young man making his way definitely not unscathed through love. Linden was turned away, a lot, when shopping his idea for this story. He forged ahead and believed in himself, which has paid off and landed him on UK Audio Drama Billboards. We are here to tell you - you should believe in yourself, too.

Let's go make history.

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