You're Qualified - To Be A Mental Health Advocate And Partner

You're Qualified - To Be A Mental Health Advocate And Partner

Life can be very tough sometimes, eh? None of us are immune to struggle and it impacts each of us in differing ways. There are many different tools you can store in your toolbox to pull out when you are in an anxiety spiral, depressive episode, or overall funk. These tools range from licensed therapists (yay!), psychiatrists (yay!), friends (<3) and... books. (oh yes.) Brian Sachetta joins Courtney on the pod today. He is a Software Developer by trade who refused to let his background be static - he has created a brand around mental health awareness. He is the creator and author of Get Out Of Your Head- A No Bullsh*t Approach To Mental Health.

Brian has been through very difficult times and has struggled with his mental health in the past. He turned these difficult, dark times into fuel for helping other people who are currently, or have in the past, struggled with mental health. This episode gets into the details of what his brand and books are about, and we chat about mental health on a societal and personal level. As well as some Game Of Thrones and Harry Potter, of course. It fits I promise.

I hope you listen and walk away more confident in your strengths to pursue your dreams, more confident in your ability to love yourself deeply, and passion to treat your brain with kindness.

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