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My name is Tyler, and I will be your personal podcast expert who helps you navigate the podcasting world. I have been working in the podcast industry for over 5 years now and been an avid podcast fan for many more. ( I subscribe and listen to over 80 different podcasts... I'm a little addicted. )

Prior to building PodServe.fm I built PodParadise.com a popular website for listening to podcasts online. At PodParadise I would consistently receive questions about how to start a podcast. I realized while explaining it that it was a confusing process. I decided to create a podcast host that made thing as easy as possible and PodServe.fm was born.

I will be here to assist you with any part of your podcast journey. If you have any question at all just send me an email or chat using the orange box to the bottom right. I love helping people get their podcast out there so don't hesitate to contact me.

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