What makes PodServe.fm special?

Two things make PodServe.fm really special. First is our ease of use. Create your show and upload your audio and you are done. We will get it on all the podcast networks for you. Once you are on all the networks we start the second thing that makes us special.

We are the only podcast host that is partnered with a popular podcast app that receives thousands of podcast listeners a day. We utilize this partnership to promote your podcast to all of the apps users every day. Your podcast won't be hidden behind the other 500,000 podcasts out there. Instead it will be front and center getting exposure every day. Learn more about our podcast promotion

Do I still own my podcast if I upload it to PodServe.fm?

Yes 100%! We will never add any PodServe.fm branding or advertisements to your podcast. Your podcast will always be completely yours and we will never lay claim to it or try to monetize it for ourselves in any way.

Can I monetize my podcast on PodServe.fm?

Yes 100%! You can monetize your podcast to your heart's content and we will never take a cut.

Learn more about how easy it is to make money from your podcast on PodServe.fm.

Do you offer private podcasting?

Yep, we offer private podcasting that gives you full control of who listens to your podcast. Add or remove listeners with ease. Learn more about our private podcasting here: Learn About Private Podcasting.

You can create a public podcast that is available to everyone worldwide. You can also create a private membership only podcast to monetize your following for your most ardent supporters.

Does it cost extra to get my podcast on each platform?

Nope! During the 14 day free trial you can upload your first episode and you can be on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Pandora without paying anything. There is no extra cost for choosing all of them or only one or two of them. After the free trial it is always $19/mo.

How does getting my podcast on all the platforms work?

During your podcast creation you will let us know where you want your podcast to be made available. After you upload your first episode we will be in contact with you and start working to get your podcast on all the platforms you selected. We will let you know as your podcast is approved on each platform. You also have the option of submitting your podcast yourself if you please. We can help you submit your podcast yourself if that is the route you choose.

Does it cost extra to have multiple podcasts?

It is a flat $19/mo fee at PodServe.fm no matter how many podcasts you have. You can create multiple podcasts and we will get all of them on the platforms you desire at no extra cost.

Are there limits to how long or how many podcast episodes I can upload?

PodServe.fm does not have a limit to how long a podcast can be. Some of our users have single podcast episodes that are 5+ hours long and we host them no problem.

PodServe.fm also does not limit how many hours of podcast you can upload a month. Upload to your heart's content and never worry about hitting a limit.

Does PodServe.fm modify uploaded podcast audio?

PodServe.fm does not modify the podcast files that you upload. They are left exactly as you uploaded them with no modification from us. Some hosts will automatically lower the quality of your podcast to reduce their costs, we will never do that. Your podcast quality, meta data, and ID3 are left in tact just the way you uploaded it.

Does PodServe.fm offer unlimited bandwidth?

PodServe.fm does not offer fully unlimited bandwidth, no podcast host truly does. Other podcast hosts will advertise as unlimited bandwidth because for over 99% of podcasts the standard bandwidth provided is more than enough. If you are lucky enough for your podcast to be part of the 1% that become wildly popular the other hosts will renegotiate a different deal with you. We are upfront that we have a soft cap of 2,000 GB of bandwidth a month. If you happen to go viral and go over for a month that is no problem. 2,000 GB for a 30-60 minute podcast should be enough for 60,000-120,000 downloads a month. Additional bandwidth can be added at a rate of $20 per 3,000 GB.

What kind of analytics do you provide?

PodServe.fm tracks the time, geographical location, and listening app used for every download that your podcast receives. You can use this information to find out what time of day or day of the week your podcast is most popular. You also will be able to tell where in the world your podcast is resonating with fans using a heatmap telling you the download counts for each state/country in the world. ( Location data provided via MaxMind )

Does PodServe.fm support transcripts?

PodServe.fm allows you to upload transcripts of your podcast. PodServe.fm can also auto generate transcripts of your audio for you. No need for you to type up your own transcripts. Learn more about transcripts

I currently host my podcast somewhere else. Can I import it to PodServe.fm?

PodServe.fm has a simple tool to let you import your podcast from any other provider. You can import your podcast and check everything out without interrupting your current podcast. If you like everything PodServe.fm offers, you can redirect your old RSS feed to your new one on PodServe.fm.

Do you provide an RSS feed if I want it?

Although with PodServe.fm you don't have to deal at all with RSS feeds if you don't want to. We do provide an RSS feed for each of your podcasts and it is available in the dashboard after you create your podcast.

Any Other Questions?

Send me an email at the address below.