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If you have a podcast of course you would like to have more listeners. Cultivating an audience for your podcast is a difficult endeavor. Your podcast is competing with millions of other podcasts and just getting your podcast in front of potential listeners is tough. You could have the greatest podcast in the world but if no one knows about it you won't get listens. If you host your podcast with we will put your podcast in front of thousands of potential listeners every day.

How Does It Work? is the podcast hosting company from the creator of is one of the most popular places to listen to podcasts online in your browser. Podcasts that are hosted on get free promotion on with their podcast hosting.

Every time the front page of loads, 5 podcasts will be selected to be on the front page like so:

Here is what a podcast page looks like when a podcast is advertised:

How many people will see my podcast? receives over 5,000 visits a day from avid podcast listeners and is growing every day. These visitors are looking for great podcasts and getting your podcast in front of them means you will get more listeners. No other podcast host will help you get listeners like

I currently host my podcast somewhere else. Can I import it to has a simple tool to let you import your podcast from any other provider. You can import your podcast and check everything out without interrupting your current podcast. If you like everything offers you can redirect your old RSS feed to your new one on

Can I opt out of free promotion?

You are under no obligation to promote your podcast on There is an option to disable podcast promotion if you don't want your podcast advertised on

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