National Police Association Podcast number 57: Interview with Sheriff David Clarke

National Police Association Podcast number 57: Interview with Sheriff David Clarke


04:25 "They happen in phases. Like I said, they're not spontaneous events. They are not organic. It's planned. It's organized violence. There's a role, you have to know who the actors are in these things and how they work."

05:22 "These movements are designed around mass manipulation. Quickly organizing people who don't have a sense of what's going on but they're easy to manipulate and you have to have people. That's why these things are in urban centers."

09:24 "Citizens have always had a right to defend themselves. I encourage them to do it. I also use this caveat. I say, act reasonably. That's the lens you'll be judged through. If you have to take action, was it reasonable under the circumstances?"

14:54 "When you start to water down the standards with which to hire, you pay a huge price."

20:59 "It's not necessary to reform an entire profession on a one-off."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Sgt. Betsy Smith interviews Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Today, David shares his expertise in riot control and the planned nature of this type of violence.

David also gives his opinions on the Second Amendment and clarifies his position on the right to bear arms. He further comments on the difficulties of recruiting now that the police profession has come under fire and why change has to come not only from the police but from society at large as well.



03:36 Riots in urban centers and their foreign influences

07:38 The Second Amendment

12:09 Recruitment issues moving forward

16:52 The role of societal change in reforming the underclass

19:29 Reforming the police profession



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