National Police Association Podcast #74 with Errol D Toulon, Jr., Suffolk County, NY Sheriff

National Police Association Podcast #74 with Errol D Toulon, Jr., Suffolk County, NY Sheriff


06:30 "80 to 85% of the men and women that are incarcerated are returning back to our community. And so, how do we assist them to really help public safety when they return back."

09:14 "If the school administrators started to handle some of the issues that are occurring instead of calling the police while they're in the school, maybe some of that tension would be reduced and there will be more respect."

12:29 "Two things that I've always viewed of how law enforcement agencies fail are training and supervision. And so when the call comes to defund the police, those are two things that are going to be most adversely affected."

18:32 "I know we want to help those individuals that have issues but the victims of the crime shouldn't be lost whenever we respond to an incident because they're the ones that really need to be protected."

19:58 "A lot of times when a person's on their cusp of should I keep this job or maybe I should go and do something else, maybe it's just do some mentoring, do some training, just do some coaching."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Sgt. Betsy Smith interviews Errol D Toulon, Jr., Suffolk County, NY Sheriff. Defunding the police is being used to further personal agendas, but Suffolk County is powering through with the innovative use of technology for better law enforcement. Errol also comments on the detrimental effects of using police for school admin duties, as well as the importance of vigilance against terrorism and the need to address falling police recruitment and retainment rates.



01:07 Defunding the police: A tool used by politicians for personal agenda

04:12 Suffolk County's use of technology for effective law enforcement

08:47 The negative effect of using police forces for school administration

12:15 Improving police training and taking care of mental health

18:59 Addressing falling recruitment and retainment rates in police



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