National Police Association Podcast #104 with Minneapolis Police Lt. Kim Lund Voss (Ret.)

National Police Association Podcast #104 with Minneapolis Police Lt. Kim Lund Voss (Ret.)


05:41 "We had to be very careful when we came or went from the building because of these that were outside. The city started to take some precautions and put jersey barriers out around our precinct and around the parking lot, but they didn't do that great of a job."

12:41 "I really believe that if leadership would've taken a stand and held fast on that, that we probably would not have seen as much damage in the neighborhoods."

16:50 "By talking about it, that's kind of my way of helping myself if I can help others. It's what I did after the 35W bridge collapsed when I had a very pivotal role in working with all the victims that were on that bridge."

18:30 "One of the things that I think kept all of us in Minneapolis safe is so many of us were affected by this that we would openly talk about it. And talking, I think, is what saved us."

20:49 "You have to anticipate what's going to happen. How did that happen in Washington? How did they not see and not remember what happened in Minneapolis and act on that? They had the intel."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Sgt. Betsy Smith interviews Minneapolis Police Lt. Kim Lund Voss (Ret.). The events of George Floyd's in-custody death shook America to the core. What many people overlook is the fallout that this caused to individual officers who had nothing to do with this death. Kim recounts the events as she saw it on the ground and how she and her colleagues took the brunt of the abuse as the looting and fires happened in Minneapolis. 



02:29 On May 25, 2020, George Floyd's death beleaguers Kim's precinct

06:55 Looting begins and the precinct is given up to protesters

12:17 Third Precinct burns and the aftermath that followed

14:48 Kim retires and is now focused on training

17:20 Mental health: Pressure on police has caused officers to commit suicide

19:42 Kim's letter that was addressed to police leadership


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