National Police Association Podcast #1: Police Injuries and Anti-Police Protests

National Police Association Podcast #1: Police Injuries and Anti-Police Protests


"The demonstration formed soon after 7 p.m. on the streets near the Barclays Center, with protesters unfurling large banners that read 'F—k the police' and 'Don't let these pigs touch us.' The crowd began dispersing by 9 p.m. The demonstration was in response to a planned crackdown on fare evasion by the NYPD — and two controversial police actions in Brooklyn subway stations in recent weeks."

"'Arresting people who can't afford a $2.75 fare makes no-one safer and destabilizes our community,' she said. 'New Yorkers know that, they're not having it and they're standing up for each other.'"

"'The flag provides a symbol of support to some but it is a symbol of dismissiveness to others. Because it is divisive, the flag will not be posted at the 5th District nor in any public space within the Police Department,' Elrich said in a written statement. 'Under my administration, we are committed to improving police relations with the community and will immediately address any action that stands against our mission.'"

"Fire Station 31 continues to display its handcrafted flag. In fact, the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1664 posted a handful of photos on its Facebook Page thanking Shelton and his son for their kindness and 'amazingly detailed' work."

"Kidik was answering a seemingly routine call about a landlord-tenant dispute on May 17, 2018 at 5 Constitution Plaza, the Spectra Boutique Apartments. Kidik made her way to the tenant's ninth floor apartment and was attacked. She suffered serious stab wounds to her neck and throat. Nearby building employees pulled the attacker off her and fellow Hartford police officers rushed her to an ambulance and cleared a path to Hartford Hospital, where surgeons saved her."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police forces have made headlines mostly due to sustained and inflicted injuries, as well as anti-police protests. 

In Florida, a man armed with a sword charged at a deputy screaming, "Shoot me!" and was gunned down. Meanwhile, police forces from New York are facing intense backlash for their planned crackdown on fare evasion, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backing the protesters. 

In Maryland, a "Thin Blue Line" flag is dividing the community with some viewing it as racist and the intervention of a MoCo executive as a political move. Elsewhere, a detective who suffered a horrific knife attack last year was forced to retire due to irreparable damage to her neck and throat.



00:08 Florida man charges deputy with a sword & is fatally shot

00:50 Suisun City: Attempted carjacker spits on officer, headbutts police car

01:52 NYC anti-cop protests escalate; face brutal crackdown 

02:59 AOC supports Brooklyn protesters 

04:29 Backlash: Maryland exec orders 'Thin Blue Line' Flag removed 

09:13 Hartford detective forced to retire after violent 2018 attack



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