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The National Police Association is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded to educate supporters of law enforcement in how to help police departments accomplish their goals. The National Police Association Podcast, website and social media sites provide up to date information on law enforcement news, issues, and challenges.

National Police Association Podcast 6: Assault and Battery on Officers, Officer Involved Shootings and Criminal Sentencing


00:58 "Officer Biddle reportedly told her to stop, but she refused. Police said at that point Jimenez reportedly pulled out a knife and held it above her head as she continued to walk towards him. Officer Biddle kept shouting at her to put the knife down, but she instead threw the knife, hitting him in the upper chest. That's when he used a taser to get her into custody."

02:42 "Hill was found near Richmond Street, and a 'violent struggle ensued,' according to police, after Hill refused to comply with an officer's demands. Police said Hill spit blood at and tried to gouge out the eye of one officer, and broke the eyeglasses of another. Police said they found three knives on Hill after he was subdued.

04:17 "Officers tased Bertrand in an attempt to gain control of him. Bertrand then headbutted an officer leaving a bruise on the officer's left eye. They noted that while escorting Bertrand out of the residence Bertrand said, 'yeah I headbutted that blank

06:06 "Wilder said three adult witnesses heard deputies giving Renew commands to get out of the truck. Those witnesses stated that's when Renew began revving the engine and drove right towards LeBlanc and Pennell.Both deputies opened fire, killing Renew. The windshield of the truck was filled with bullet holes."

07:39 "Brandy Fortson, who was elected to the board earlier this year, tweeted from a personal account on Thursday morning. Fortson's tweet read, 'Hey kids, always remember that all cops are bastards.'"

10:00 "Marquis Bernard Malloy, 29, of Fayetteville, pleaded guilty Feb. 29 to possession with intent to distribute a quantity of heroin and a quantity of cocaine, possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime and felon in possession of a firearm."


In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, carjacking incidents were reported and a recent story of a carjacking woman who tried to run over deputies gets an update. Elsewhere, officers from around the country were responding to a variety of reports and were then assaulted, including a suicidal man who was cutting his wrists.

Also, a Corvallis, Oregon board member tweets that "all cops are bastards" and will be resigning on Tuesday. And in a continuation of Project Safe Neighborhoods, a Fayetteville man is caught with a 9mm and several grams of cocaine and heroin.


00:18 Burglary suspect hides in bushes, throws knife at cop when caught

01:41 Drunk man jacks car, crashes it & attacks arresting officers

03:30 Suicidal man cuts wrists & headbutts cop

05:06 Woman who stole truck, attempted to run over cops identified

07:29 Corvallis board member tweets cop hate, will resign

09:48 Fayetteville: Man gets 15 years for drugs & weapons

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National Police Association Podcast 5: Police in Action, Blue Lives Matter and Criminal Sentencing


03:05 "Of nine rounds fired at Miller, one hit him in the hand.

Douglas County deputy Tyree Holdridge, who was following Miller and

saw the gun battle, fired his weapon at the rear of the Toyota in an

effort to save his sergeant. 'He put two officers at risk and deserves

the maximum,' Casper said."

05:09 "The rampage began 10:14 a.m. April 26 when Jefferson and his

cousin, Marcus Jackson became involved in an argument, in which

Jefferson threatened to kill him if he called police. Jefferson took

off with Jackson's 2015 Toyota Camry after shooting him in the

driveway of his home. Three hours later, he killed Laron Davis and at

2:42 p.m. shot and killed Calvin Kelly, according to the probable

cause sheet."

06:50 "'To say this [the flag] was created to be anti any other

movement, to say this is [a] white supremacist or divisive symbol is

just outrageous,' O'Donnell said. 'You know, five minutes of research

would have proved otherwise.' O'Donnell believes the move by Elrich is

strictly political because a similar 'thin red line' flag given to the

nearby fire department from the same family did not spark


08:54 "According to San Jose police, officers pulled a car over then

the adult male passenger pulled out a handgun. That's when an officer

fired, striking the man at least once. He was pronounced dead at the

scene. As investigators collected evidence, southbound highway 85 was

closed from Saratoga Avenue to Winchester Blvd creating a traffic


10:05 "Cleveland, 28, has been with the department for five years. He

was shot on Oct. 5 along with four other people after a fight broke

out in the 10000 block of Crown Point Drive in north St. Louis County.

Cleveland, a graduate of Normandy High School, was shot once in the

side. His liver, one of his lungs and one of his kidneys were

punctured, police said. He must undergo one more surgery, his mother

LaQuitta Lowman said. It's unclear when he will return to work."


In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police

figure in drug busts, car chases, and shoot outs convicted felons. A

Nevada woman faces a stack of charges racked up in the past 5 months

including a felony charge for battery on an officer, after she drove

away from the deputy who was investigating drugs in her car. Kimberly

Ann Maddox hit 2 parked cars as well.

The "Thin Blue Line" issue is also far from over as rallyists gather

outside the controversial Montgomery police department to protest the

alleged politicizing of county executive Marc Elrich. And in St. Louis

County, Cleveland, the local community raises thousands of dollars for

a hero cop who was shot on his side, puncturing his liver, lungs, and

a kidney.


00:16 Nevada woman racks up charges: Drugs, battery & trafficking

01:53 Killer steals car & fires on cops; gets maximum 40 years

05:39 "Thin Blue Line" update: Protest vs Montgomery Exec Elrich

08:27 Highway 85 shooting causes massive traffic jam

09:51 Thousands of dollars raised for St. Louis hero cop


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National Police Association Podcast 4: Cops under fire and Project Safe Neighborhoods.


01:42 "The five-day operation targeting fugitives wanted for violent criminal offenses in Creek County was finalized this week. 'Today, 34 violent offenders have been apprehended as a result of Operation Fallback,' said U.S. Attorney Trent Shores."

04:11 "Heuser-Whitaker and his nine co-conspirators worked in at least six-man teams for each robbery, which included inside and outside look-outs, getaway drivers, and two gunmen. The robbery crew used police scanners to monitor law enforcement activity and earpieces to communicate with one another."

05:41 "Through PSN, a broad spectrum of stakeholders work together to identify the most pressing violent crime problems in the community and develop comprehensive solutions to address them. As part of this strategy, PSN focuses enforcement efforts on the most violent offenders and partners with locally based prevention and reentry programs for lasting reductions in crime."

08:59 "One of the greatest concerns is the increasing number of privately made weapons that do not carry serial numbers and are sold illegally, said Jennifer Cicolani, the assistant agent in charge of the San Francisco division of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives."

11:41 "Through Project Safe Neighborhoods we use data driven approaches to focus prosecution resources and investigation resources on the most violent. But that's not all we do. We also engage the probation office, social agencies, churches, charities so that if there are those that are moving in that direction or on the precipice of that activity, we give them a hard talking to and say, 'Hey you're on our radar screen,' Martin said."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police go on the offensive to enforce Project Safe Neighborhoods and its affiliated operations, the Justice Department's core initiative to reduce violent crime from all over the country. Members of notorious gangs like the Bloods and Hell's Angels have been arrested on various charges involving guns and drugs. 



00:15 Kanawha County: Suicidal man open fires on deputies 

01:14 Operation Fallback nets dozens of violent offenders

03:33 Bloods member gets 24 years for shooting Harris Teeter manager

06:38 Project Safe Neighborhoods cracks down on Modesto CA Hell's Angels 

09:52 Deputy U.S. attorney general urges law enforcement agencies to combat violent crime



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National Police Association Podcast #3 Guns off the street and San Francisco disrespects their police

QUOTES (01:42) "In January of 2017, family members called police to report getting text messages from the suspect stating he wanted to commit suicide by cop and that quote, 'This time they will not shoot me with a rubber bullet,' Garcia said." 02:36 "A man accused of donning a Jesus Christ costume and attacking a police officer unprovoked on Halloween has been arrested in Idaho and will be extradited to San Diego, authorities said Wednesday." 04:17 "There is growing outrage after a controversial anti-police chant broke out Tuesday night at San Francisco District Attorney candidate Chesa Boudin's election party. In fact, there is a video which shows city supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer starting a profanitylaced chant against the police officer's association." 08:16 "'It used to be that a Glock pistol was the status symbol. Now I want this with the full automatic. This is the cool thing to have,' ATF agent Brian Hester said, while demonstrating how guns without serial numbers and with conversion kits can be assembled." 10:53 "More than 30 law enforcement men and women from Allegheny, Beaver, and Washington counties were honored for their heroic bravery and dedication above and beyond the call of duty."

 SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, a politician hurls disrespect against the police and the DOJ reports success in drive to bring guns off the streets. San Francisco supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer is caught on video leading a profanity-laden chant against their own police association. Tony Montoya, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, went on the offensive to denounce the disrespect. Meanwhile, the DOJ reports that more guns are off the street due to more targeted efforts from Project Safe Neighborhoods. Elsewhere, another suicide by cop incident is also reported in San Jose as the suspect approached a group of high school students with a replica gun in hand. He was fatally shot by an officer armed with a rifle. A man dressed up as Jesus for Halloween assaults an officer and flees to Idaho. He has since been caught and will be extradited back to San Diego. And Amen Corner, a local non-political, non-partisan group in Penn Hills, honors its police in a luncheon. HIGHLIGHTS 00:18 Man who allegedly desired suicide by cop is fatally shot 02:32 Suspect in Jesus costume assaults officer, is eventually caught 04:07 SF City supervisor leads profanity-laced chant against police 06:34 DOJ targets repeat offenders, reports more guns now off the streets 10:36 Penn Hills officers honored at local luncheon

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National Police Association Podcast #2 Police Shootings, Memorials and Awards

QUOTES 00:59 "Lodi police spokesperson Lieutenant Mike Manetti said sometimes officers don't know what kind of firepower they'll be facing until they arrive on the scene. 'There's a sense of urgency that goes into it, no matter how competent you feel with your firearm. You definitely don't want to be under-matched like that,' Manetti said." 03:33 "A chase of a stolen vehicle starting in North Georgia ends in Tennessee with an officer involved shooting. The suspect was shot, and a deputy was injured in the pursuit. It started in Dade County, and ended in Marion County." 05:56 "The pursuing officers could not pull Eukenio off the other officer and deployed a Taser to stop the assault. Eukenio was removed from the officer but placed both his hands under his stomach near his waistband and refused to move them, police said. A Taser was deployed for a second time, and the officers gained control of Eukenio's arms and placed him in handcuffs." 08:07 "Before a standing-room-only crowd, Sgt. Daniel Haines was presented with the police department's 'Medal of Courage,' a new award given to officers who achieve 'a highly unusual accomplishment.' Haines has been hailed as a hero for his help with the April arrest of a man who has been charged with violently attacked two teens, sexually assaulting one and stabbing both, during a home invasion in Sleepy Hollow." 10:43 "West Dundee police detective Nathan Herman was presented with the Medal of Valor, a new award given for 'a distinguished act of bravery in the line of duty.' Herman, a sniper on the Kane County SWAT Team, responded to a call in July in South Elgin for a 52-year-old man who was armed with a rifle and shotgun and was outside firing rounds, Gorski said." SUMMARY

 In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police shootings, memorials, and awards take the limelight. Reports of trespassing and stolen vehicles also made the front pages. In California, a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle traded fire with a police officer and, despite being shot several times, is expected to make a full recovery. The officer remained unhurt. A stolen car chase that started in North Georgia and ended in Tennessee results in violence. The pursuing police car is wrecked, injuring the officer, while the suspect was shot. West Dundee officers are also commended for extraordinary actions in the line of duty and presented with new awards, the Medal of Courage and Medal of Valor. HIGHLIGHTS 00:16 Gun battle in Lodi: Officer vs man armed with semi-automatic rifle 02:07 Permanent memorial sought for fallen Harris Country deputy 03:29 Stolen car chase ends with wrecked patrol car & suspect shot 04:17 Assault in Spokane: 2 men vs police officers 06:38 Habitual offender in Boulder Hill arrested again 07:56 2 West Dundee officers awarded for courage & valor RESOURCES National Police Association


National Police Association Podcast #1: Police Injuries and Anti-Police Protests


"The demonstration formed soon after 7 p.m. on the streets near the Barclays Center, with protesters unfurling large banners that read 'F—k the police' and 'Don't let these pigs touch us.' The crowd began dispersing by 9 p.m. The demonstration was in response to a planned crackdown on fare evasion by the NYPD — and two controversial police actions in Brooklyn subway stations in recent weeks."

"'Arresting people who can't afford a $2.75 fare makes no-one safer and destabilizes our community,' she said. 'New Yorkers know that, they're not having it and they're standing up for each other.'"

"'The flag provides a symbol of support to some but it is a symbol of dismissiveness to others. Because it is divisive, the flag will not be posted at the 5th District nor in any public space within the Police Department,' Elrich said in a written statement. 'Under my administration, we are committed to improving police relations with the community and will immediately address any action that stands against our mission.'"

"Fire Station 31 continues to display its handcrafted flag. In fact, the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1664 posted a handful of photos on its Facebook Page thanking Shelton and his son for their kindness and 'amazingly detailed' work."

"Kidik was answering a seemingly routine call about a landlord-tenant dispute on May 17, 2018 at 5 Constitution Plaza, the Spectra Boutique Apartments. Kidik made her way to the tenant's ninth floor apartment and was attacked. She suffered serious stab wounds to her neck and throat. Nearby building employees pulled the attacker off her and fellow Hartford police officers rushed her to an ambulance and cleared a path to Hartford Hospital, where surgeons saved her."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police forces have made headlines mostly due to sustained and inflicted injuries, as well as anti-police protests. 

In Florida, a man armed with a sword charged at a deputy screaming, "Shoot me!" and was gunned down. Meanwhile, police forces from New York are facing intense backlash for their planned crackdown on fare evasion, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backing the protesters. 

In Maryland, a "Thin Blue Line" flag is dividing the community with some viewing it as racist and the intervention of a MoCo executive as a political move. Elsewhere, a detective who suffered a horrific knife attack last year was forced to retire due to irreparable damage to her neck and throat.



00:08 Florida man charges deputy with a sword & is fatally shot

00:50 Suisun City: Attempted carjacker spits on officer, headbutts police car

01:52 NYC anti-cop protests escalate; face brutal crackdown 

02:59 AOC supports Brooklyn protesters 

04:29 Backlash: Maryland exec orders 'Thin Blue Line' Flag removed 

09:13 Hartford detective forced to retire after violent 2018 attack



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