National Police Association Podcast 5: Police in Action, Blue Lives Matter and Criminal Sentencing

National Police Association Podcast 5: Police in Action, Blue Lives Matter and Criminal Sentencing


03:05 "Of nine rounds fired at Miller, one hit him in the hand.

Douglas County deputy Tyree Holdridge, who was following Miller and

saw the gun battle, fired his weapon at the rear of the Toyota in an

effort to save his sergeant. 'He put two officers at risk and deserves

the maximum,' Casper said."

05:09 "The rampage began 10:14 a.m. April 26 when Jefferson and his

cousin, Marcus Jackson became involved in an argument, in which

Jefferson threatened to kill him if he called police. Jefferson took

off with Jackson's 2015 Toyota Camry after shooting him in the

driveway of his home. Three hours later, he killed Laron Davis and at

2:42 p.m. shot and killed Calvin Kelly, according to the probable

cause sheet."

06:50 "'To say this [the flag] was created to be anti any other

movement, to say this is [a] white supremacist or divisive symbol is

just outrageous,' O'Donnell said. 'You know, five minutes of research

would have proved otherwise.' O'Donnell believes the move by Elrich is

strictly political because a similar 'thin red line' flag given to the

nearby fire department from the same family did not spark


08:54 "According to San Jose police, officers pulled a car over then

the adult male passenger pulled out a handgun. That's when an officer

fired, striking the man at least once. He was pronounced dead at the

scene. As investigators collected evidence, southbound highway 85 was

closed from Saratoga Avenue to Winchester Blvd creating a traffic


10:05 "Cleveland, 28, has been with the department for five years. He

was shot on Oct. 5 along with four other people after a fight broke

out in the 10000 block of Crown Point Drive in north St. Louis County.

Cleveland, a graduate of Normandy High School, was shot once in the

side. His liver, one of his lungs and one of his kidneys were

punctured, police said. He must undergo one more surgery, his mother

LaQuitta Lowman said. It's unclear when he will return to work."


In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police

figure in drug busts, car chases, and shoot outs convicted felons. A

Nevada woman faces a stack of charges racked up in the past 5 months

including a felony charge for battery on an officer, after she drove

away from the deputy who was investigating drugs in her car. Kimberly

Ann Maddox hit 2 parked cars as well.

The "Thin Blue Line" issue is also far from over as rallyists gather

outside the controversial Montgomery police department to protest the

alleged politicizing of county executive Marc Elrich. And in St. Louis

County, Cleveland, the local community raises thousands of dollars for

a hero cop who was shot on his side, puncturing his liver, lungs, and

a kidney.


00:16 Nevada woman racks up charges: Drugs, battery & trafficking

01:53 Killer steals car & fires on cops; gets maximum 40 years

05:39 "Thin Blue Line" update: Protest vs Montgomery Exec Elrich

08:27 Highway 85 shooting causes massive traffic jam

09:51 Thousands of dollars raised for St. Louis hero cop


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