National Police Association Podcast 6: Assault and Battery on Officers, Officer Involved Shootings and Criminal Sentencing

National Police Association Podcast 6: Assault and Battery on Officers, Officer Involved Shootings and Criminal Sentencing


00:58 "Officer Biddle reportedly told her to stop, but she refused. Police said at that point Jimenez reportedly pulled out a knife and held it above her head as she continued to walk towards him. Officer Biddle kept shouting at her to put the knife down, but she instead threw the knife, hitting him in the upper chest. That's when he used a taser to get her into custody."

02:42 "Hill was found near Richmond Street, and a 'violent struggle ensued,' according to police, after Hill refused to comply with an officer's demands. Police said Hill spit blood at and tried to gouge out the eye of one officer, and broke the eyeglasses of another. Police said they found three knives on Hill after he was subdued.

04:17 "Officers tased Bertrand in an attempt to gain control of him. Bertrand then headbutted an officer leaving a bruise on the officer's left eye. They noted that while escorting Bertrand out of the residence Bertrand said, 'yeah I headbutted that blank

06:06 "Wilder said three adult witnesses heard deputies giving Renew commands to get out of the truck. Those witnesses stated that's when Renew began revving the engine and drove right towards LeBlanc and Pennell.Both deputies opened fire, killing Renew. The windshield of the truck was filled with bullet holes."

07:39 "Brandy Fortson, who was elected to the board earlier this year, tweeted from a personal account on Thursday morning. Fortson's tweet read, 'Hey kids, always remember that all cops are bastards.'"

10:00 "Marquis Bernard Malloy, 29, of Fayetteville, pleaded guilty Feb. 29 to possession with intent to distribute a quantity of heroin and a quantity of cocaine, possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime and felon in possession of a firearm."


In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, carjacking incidents were reported and a recent story of a carjacking woman who tried to run over deputies gets an update. Elsewhere, officers from around the country were responding to a variety of reports and were then assaulted, including a suicidal man who was cutting his wrists.

Also, a Corvallis, Oregon board member tweets that "all cops are bastards" and will be resigning on Tuesday. And in a continuation of Project Safe Neighborhoods, a Fayetteville man is caught with a 9mm and several grams of cocaine and heroin.


00:18 Burglary suspect hides in bushes, throws knife at cop when caught

01:41 Drunk man jacks car, crashes it & attacks arresting officers

03:30 Suicidal man cuts wrists & headbutts cop

05:06 Woman who stole truck, attempted to run over cops identified

07:29 Corvallis board member tweets cop hate, will resign

09:48 Fayetteville: Man gets 15 years for drugs & weapons

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