National Police Association Podcast #7: Swords, Shootings and Car Chases

National Police Association Podcast #7: Swords, Shootings and Car Chases


00:56 "The suspect then took off running, prompting a foot chase that wound its way

to Torres High, where the suspect jumped a fence onto the campus. Deputies

surrounded the man and ordered him to drop his sword and surrender. When he began to

advance on deputies, they opened fire on him".

02:05 "After being treated at Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta for gunshot wounds

last week, Macias was rearrested Tuesday morning, Nov. 12 and booked into Siskiyou

County Jail on charges of felony resisting arrest, assault with a deadly weapon (not

a firearm) and attempt to murder a peace officer."

05:48 "Two officers got into an altercation with the suspect. One officer attempted

to wrestle the suspect's weapon away from him while the second officer, Sgt. Lee

Tassio, reportedly shot the suspect with a Tazer. The Tazer shot did not

incapacitate the suspect, according to Garcia, and Tassio fired a bullet at the

suspect after the 29-year-old reportedly reached for Tassio's gun. The bullet killed

the man."

07:07 "Liberatore was off-duty with his family at a park in Mount Pleasant when he

heard the screams of a 5-year-old girl. He ran to the scene and saw the young girl

being viciously attacked by a coyote. He shepherded his own family to safety and,

without hesitation, wrestled and pulled the animal off the girl, restraining it

until local police officers arrived and put the animal down."

09:53 "'The suspect stopped. He then backed up and intentionally rammed the police

cruiser, and then he did it a second time, intentionally rammed a police cruiser,

which was able to get him the room he needed to get out of that lot,' Lambert



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police forces from

around the country got into violent situations when suspects attacked them with a

variety of weapons, including a sword and handguns with extended magazines, mostly

ending with the suspects getting fatally shot.

Another car chase happened, this time in Ohio, where the suspect hit road signs,

intentionally rammed a police cruiser twice, and clipped nearby vehicles. And some

good news, an Irvington cop is recognized for his actions that saved a little girl

from a rabid coyote's vicious attack.


00:15 Sword-wielding man fatally shot in East LA school

01:57 Teen who tried to murder cop treated for gunshot wounds & rearrested

04:29 Repeat offender goes for deputy's gun, is shot dead

06:22 Irvington cop recognized for extraordinary actions in vicious coyote attack

08:51 Kettering, Ohio: Suspect rams cop cars; ensuing car chase caught on camera


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