National Police Association Podcast 9: Thin Blue Line, Blue Lives Matter and Bail Reform Causing Crime

National Police Association Podcast 9: Thin Blue Line, Blue Lives Matter and Bail Reform Causing Crime


00:52 "'There's a morale problem,' Watson said of the shirts. But others saw

the shirts as a symbol of division. Arapahoe County Democratic Chairwoman

Kristen Mallory said during public comment the shirts were 'shameful' and a

clear message that those council members don't support the Black Lives

Matter movement."

04:39 "The petition must gather signatures from 20% of the 42,713

registered voters in the district. Then, if the department certifies the

signatures, it will call for a recall election, where voters must pass a simple

majority to unseat the official. The mayor will then appoint a replacement."

08:39 "'We are already seeing many liberal judges in our city releasing

people without bail, even people who have extensive criminal histories,' she

said. 'And what's really disturbing about the bail law that will take in effect, is

that it doesn't consider someone's criminal history. They could have a

dozen, two dozen, three dozen convictions and could still walk out the door

and be released without bail.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, squabbles

deepen the divisions in local communities and an increase in crime in Bay

Ridge, Brooklyn is being blamed on new bail reform laws.

The "Thin Blue Line" issue has pitted the Aurora City Council members

against themselves and a group of Richmond District residents initiated a

move to unseat Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer for her role in chanting

against the San Francisco police force.

There is also an uptick in crimes in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn that is spitting local

politicians. Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis has pinned it on new

problematic bail reform laws while Council Member Justin Brannan

disagrees with the underlying reasons.



00:11 Aurora City Council squabbles over "Thin Blue Line"

03:35 Residents initiate recall petition against Sandra Lee Fewer

06:24 Increase in Bay Ridge crimes blamed on bail reform laws



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