National Police Association Podcast #10: Antifa Thug Arrested, Anti Police Demonstrations and High Speed Pursuits

National Police Association Podcast #10: Antifa Thug Arrested, Anti Police Demonstrations and High Speed Pursuits


01:40 "'Investigators were able to identify the suspect who damaged

the vehicle as 37-year-old Shaun Clancy,' the Portland Police Bureau

said in a release. 'Investigators worked with the Multnomah County

District Attorney's Office and the case was presented to a grand jury.

The grand jury issued a secret indictment warrant for one count of

Criminal Mischief I on August 13, 2019.'"

03:16 "Police arrested at least 58 anti-cop demonstrators who flooded

the streets of Upper Manhattan to protest a fare-evasion crackdown and

police in the subways Friday night. The crowd swelled to about two

hundred people soon after the protest kicked off in Harlem."

06:11 "When Daniels saw police cars stop and officers approach,

however, he put the vehicle in reverse and 'smashed into a police

vehicle, narrowly missing one officer on foot who jumped out of the

way,' Silverio said. Officers were able to detain Daniels, Canady and

Hadley there and seized the gun and drugs, police said."

08:37 "The deputy saw the motorcycle's taillights go 'from standing

height to ground level,' the incident report states. 'At the time the

taillight lowered to the ground, I observed a silhouette running from

the motorcycle into the median, fall, and then continue south east

towards an alley,' the deputy says in the incident report. The deputy

left his vehicle and chased Duran on foot, running to the alley, where

he heard Duran cutting through the backyard of a home on Carrasco




In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police

arrest suspects in previous violent crimes, with an Antifa member who

damaged a senior citizen's car during a protest and a Waterbury man

wanted for a shooting gets arrested in a drug bust.

In other news, dozens of protesters were nabbed in Harlem as they

demonstrated against the fare evasion issue that has divided the

community. And in Grant County, South Carolina, sheriffs ended up in

two separate high speed motorcycles pursuits that concluded with both

rider suspects arrested.



00:18 Antifa member who attacked senior citizen in 2018 is arrested

03:13 Fare-evasion crackdown: 58 anti-cop demonstrators nabbed

04:37 Waterbury shooting suspect caught in drug bust—tries to run over


06:33 Grant County sheriffs engage in separate motorcycle pursuits



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