National Police Association Podcast #20 Officer involved shootings, Officers shot and Awards to police

National Police Association Podcast #20 Officer involved shootings, Officers shot and Awards to police


00:39 "The Bryant Police Department said the man opened fire on the officers when they

arrived, striking one of them. Other officers returned fire when the man came out of apartment

holding a shotgun and refused to drop it, Arkansas State Police said. The man, identified by

state police as 24-year-old Austin Chase Swindle, was killed."

01:51 "They say the suspect called the police and told them that he was going to kill the next

person he saw. Officers approached the man and started giving him commands. He raised his

hands and officers saw something that appeared to be a weapon and that's when police say two

officers shot at the man."

03:05 "The suspect, 23-year-old Bradley Cutchens, was threatening to commit suicide before

police were called. When officers arrived, Cutchens was walking around carrying a weapon

before Officer Yoh exited his car. Cutchens opened fire on Yoh hitting him multiple times while

Yoh and other officers fired back killing Cutchens."

04:01 "A former Plymouth man accused of shooting a police officer in Maine over the weekend

was previously charged with shooting his mother's boyfriend and assaulting a police officer in

Plymouth, though both charges were later dropped."

07:39 "During the struggle, Ward punched the officer in the face. Ward was then able to sweep

around the officer with his arm and began to choke him. According to witnesses, Ward used his

free hand to go for the officer's firearm. The officer broke free when another officer struck Ward

with a baton. Officers were then able to wrestle Ward to the ground and take him into custody."

09:12 "The ceremony honoring Sergeant Stauffer was held at Tupelo Police Headquarters, next

to a cross and plaque memorializing the officer's sacrifice. Stauffer's partner, Joseph Maher was

also shot, but survived and is working in another Northeast Mississippi city."

12:57 "Carey commended both Loynd and Whitcomb, and said, 'The first person each of them

thought about was the other. It was nothing short of heroic. Loynd for tossing Whitcomb his first

aid pack in the midst of the danger, and Whitcomb for calling out to warn Loynd that Le was

armed with a knife.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, several officer-involved shootings

leave a trail of bodies and injuries in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Maine. Reports indicate some

suspects were suicidal while others have a recorded history of violence.

In Visalia, another violent suspect was sentenced to life behind bars for the attempted murder of

a police officer.

Meanwhile, cities honor the heroic actions of its officers. Sgt. Gale Stauffer, who was gunned

down 6 years ago after investigating a robbery, is honored by Tupelo City. Erving police officer

James Loynd received the Franklin County Chiefs of Police Recognition Award after saving the

life of a fellow officer and that of a mother and her children when he brought to justice the

suspect who stole a car and repeatedly stabbed the officer.



00:17 Suicidal Arkansas man who fired shotgun at cops is killed

01:32 OSBI responds to Sapulpa Motel officer-involved shooting

02:52 Ozark: Officer in ICU makes recovery

04:00 Maine shooter also shot mom's boyfriend, beat him with a baseball bat

06:22 Visalia: Jury finds attempted cop killer guilty and sentenced to life in prison

08:15 Tupelo honors police sergeant killed 6 years ago

10:23 Erving Officer James Loynd receives the Franklin County Chiefs of Police Recognition




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