National Police Association Podcast #23 Police action shootings and other defensive actions

National Police Association Podcast #23 Police action shootings and other defensive actions


01:32 "Harren went through the house onto the balcony to get Janovsky but Janovsky fled, going onto the roof of an attached garage and crossing to the other side of the house facing the front driveway. The complaint says Janovsky fired at Harren and missed. Janovsky then fired at Matson, who was in the driveway, and shot him in the head."

03:56 "The welcome back event will be held at the department headquarters. There will be a private celebration for Ainsworth. Ainsworth was shot in the neck at least once on. He went into surgery after the shooting. He spent considerable time recovering at WakeMed and was released in April."

06:04 "They encountered 34-year-old Paul Robinson in the backyard, holding a semi-automatic weapon to his neck, police said. He retreated to a shed and made two requests: that the woman he attacked come to the backyard and see him, and that officers kill him, according to police."

08:09 "It's unknown at this time how many shots were fired, but Swain has wounds on his neck, upper arm, shoulder and ear, according to Lane. Lane says from the time deputies arrived on scene to the time Swain surrendered took about one minute. As first responders were air-lifting Swain to the hospital, he repeatedly asked them to "kill him."

10:16 "Cooley and a female passenger fled into a house at 3610 Marigold St., where he fatally shot himself, the district attorney said. The passenger, identified as Maria Lerma, was shot by police and transported to the hospital. She survived her bullet wound."

10:56 "The fence was built to keep officers and employees out of the public's sight to avoid another attack on law enforcement. Using community resources, the department was able to finish this project in a matter of weeks."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police-involved shootings dominate the reports. A Southern Minnesota man shoots several cops, leaving one in grave condition. In Houston, 3 police-involved shootings have been reported since the start of the year.

Also, a suspect in Sequoyah County is now in stable condition after several cops shot him for pointing what turned out to be a pellet gun. And an officer who figured in a shootout involving dozens of rounds has been cleared of charges.



00:16 Southern Minnesota man charged with attempted murder of a cop

03:12 Raleigh police officer shot on duty makes a full recovery

04:34 Three police-involved shootings reported in Houston in more than a week

07:04 Man with a pellet gun shot by police

08:58 Greeley: Officer involved in 50 round shootout cleared of charges

10:38 Centerton police builds an extra fence for added security



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