National Police Association Podcast #27 Terminated deputy reinstated, Crime lab result will identify killer and Police department valor award

National Police Association Podcast #27 Terminated deputy reinstated, Crime lab result will identify killer and Police department valor award


00:35 "The deputy, Arthur Wallin was fired last October because

Trenary said the shooting of suspect Nickolas Michael Peters, 24,

violated the agency's policy's. However, Snohomish County Prosecuting

Attorney Adam Cornell ruled that the shooting was justified because

Peters engaged in reckless behavior and failed to respond to commands

to show his hands."

03:17 "As Pataskala police investigate the case, Boals said, the

biggest challenge has been the children who could be potential

witnesses have autism, so 'being able to interview them and get good

answers hasn't been an easy task.'"

04:36 "In a call to 911, Mary Massuros told the dispatcher her 6-yearold son found a gun left out and she believed the shooting happened

about two hours before it was discovered and authorities were called."

07:07 "Heimann noted he attempted to find a clear point to deploy an

electric stun gun on Kamien after the man punched him at least twice

on the right side of his face, but could not. Instead, Kamien

eventually yelled that he gave up and was handcuffed."

07:22 "Hill faces a felony charge for possession of methamphetamine

and misdemeanor charges of resisting an officer and bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint, Hill was apprehended with about 5

grams of methamphetamine in his pocket after a struggle with


10:39 "Daly presented Clifton with a Commendation for Valor, the

highest honor the police department can bestow. It represented

Clifton's actions to protect his fellow officers at great personal

risk. A Citation for Bravery was awarded to Lt. Joseph Sadoff, and

officers Keith Robbins, Andrew Graff and Kevin Oswald. Each

commendation cited their individual actions."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Deputy

Arthur Wallin, who was fired last year for fatally shooting a violent

suspect, is reinstated as a fully-commissioned deputy sheriff K9


In Pataskala, police are leaning on lab results to put a close on the

case of a toddler's fatal shooting. In Ho-Chunk, two men were arrested

for dealing meth and battery of an officer at a casino.

And in Springfield, Police Chief Joseph Daly continued his practice of

commending officers before the Board of Commissioners, presenting a

Commendation for Valor to Officer Sean Clifton.



00:20 Deputy gets reinstated, shooting case ruled as justified

02:22 Police lean on lab results to close case on toddler's shooting

05:20 Ho-Chunk: Police arrest 2 men for meth dealing in a casino

08:39 Springfield Police Chief Joseph Daly commends officers for valor



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