National Police Association Podcast #33 Milwaukee police prepare for Democratic National Convention

National Police Association Podcast #33 Milwaukee police prepare for Democratic National Convention


03:13 "Milwaukee is already receiving funds from Operation Relentless Pursuit, a federal effort to combat violent crime. The government will initially allocate $71 million to begin the operation across seven U.S. cities. Additional law enforcement funding may come from bills introduced by legislative Republicans' ‘tougher on crime' initiative, including $5 million in grants to combat carjackings."

04:31 “Mayes questions the moves to inflate law enforcement in the city. 'All this for the ‘protection' of the downtown, meanwhile if the rest of the city had that much to invest in the issues in the city seriously, they wouldn't need it to spend on perceived threats to wealthy visitors,' says Mayes. I'm absolutely concerned with the department using their new toys to target and intimidate residents and community leadership, mainly because they've done it consistently already.”

08:05 "Goyke doesn't necessarily disapprove of grant purchases by police being allowed to remain in the city, but he adds a major caveat. 'So long as it makes us a better, more welcoming community,' said Goyke, 'And that residents are not further targets of enhanced, saturated policing.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Milwaukee is in the spotlight as a heavy police force has been deployed for the Democratic National Convention as the city is poised to receive $50 million more in federal grants.

There are many reactions to the developments, from local officials saying they have no say in the decision to deploy a militarized security force, to activists warning of the threats this new military hardware poses to local citizens long after the convention is done.



00:17 Milwaukee DNC surprises with heavy police force presence

03:45 Activists react to law enforcement deployment

07:19 DOJ insists on existing safeguards to track grant funds



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