Vamp DeVille Paints The Perfect Picture!

Vamp DeVille Paints The Perfect Picture!

Oh Look! It's The Gang!

Riaga here and I've pretty much come to terms that I will be on Description duty forever. Can't say I'm the best for these types of things but I'm definitely worth the read because of my wittiness and charming excellence with words (via ahora).

Anyways, Steph is finally back from being Wonderwoman! As we missed her dearly, we had a special guest for this weeks podcast with the Puerto Rican-Cuban, fellow Blatino mixed Goddess herself, Vamp DeVille!

Me personally, I've been wanting to get Vamp on the show for a very long time, for she is mixed with Black & Latino exactly like me and she is a huge advocate for mixed struggles in her line of work as well. Vamp DeVille is a well-renouned artist in painting, sketching, sculpting, and much more. This woman can do it all! In Today's episode, we dive deep into her racial & ethnic roots, leading her college to change with their diversity issues alongside her struggles with being a female artist in the community. She is our first guest ever that we have called into our new studio so we had to make sure we made this episode a special one since she is special herself.

Needless to say, it was fucking lit and she showed TF out. We already decided Vamp will be on another episode soon in January 2021! Can't believe there's legit 2 more episodes and that's the end of 2020. We're almost to our 1 Year Anniversary with Turnt Up TV!

Enjoy the episode and be sure to brush your teeth when you wake up.

- Riaga The Blatino


For our Spotify audience, the correct audio for our episode with Sr. Gerardo Munoz should be back to it's correct space in another week or so. Til then, I advise you listen to our Episode on Stitcher or PodServe itself. The correct audio is playing on those DSP's and Apple Podcasts. Sorry for the inconvenience, I was up for 24 hours again and I don't have a cure for insomnia because the government liked Trump in 2016

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