Two Peas on a Pod

Two Peas on a Pod

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We are two young pentecostal holiness preachers who love God, and God's people. We want to use this outlet for ministry and for laughs. We are brothers in law with like interests both being apart of the holiness church about our whole lives. We don't know where this podcast will go but hope listeners will enjoy sermon like material along with light hearted comedy, reviews, and interviews. Zach is an Assistant Pastor at the Vanceburg Holiness Church in Vanceburg, Kentucky. He is married to Shanda Cordle (Staggs) with 5 Children, two girls, & three boys. Austin is a Full time Evangelist out of the same church married to Kelli Griffitts (Cordle) with 5 Children, 1 girl, and 4 boys. We intend on doing alot of interviews with God's people to bring faith to the listener, and let others testimonies be known that otherwise might not be. Join is on our Podcast journey and we try this for the first time learning as we go also. God Bless, Push that Subscribe/Follow button and listen to Two Peas on a Pod!!

Going to try our best to have New Episodes uploaded on Tuesday Mornings as long as our schedule allows it.

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