#27 Rapping, Burnt Steaks, & Ketchup Soda

#27 Rapping, Burnt Steaks, & Ketchup Soda

Zach & I are back again today, just the two of us. We are doing things a little different today and knew it'd come to this eventually with us not being together all the time, today about 800 miles apart. We pre-record as much as we can when we're together but today we try out the Zoom call for the first time and I think it went well. In order to keep our promise of putting out new episodes every tuesday morning we have tried the Zoom. Let us know what you think about the sound quality if it's ok or not. We caught up on Valentines day stuff, and had alot of feedback to get through. Steaks just won't leave the podcast. Will the debate ever die down? Lighthearted episode today but we hope you enjoy the episode and keep coming back to the podcast. We have plenty in store coming up this year. Alot of work has been going into the Why I believe series and also several interviews with special guests have been pre-recorded so stay tuned for an exciting 2022 on the Two Peas on a Pod Podcast!

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