PodServe.fm Supports Podcast Transcripts

Transcripts Are Valuable For Podcast Growth

Transcripts of podcast episodes are an optional addition that PodServe.fm supports. Adding a transcript to your podcast can helps make your podcast easier to find. Search engines (Google) currently are not capable of knowing what is said inside of a podcast audio file. If Google doesn't know what your podcast is about they won't show your podcast episode in search results. Adding a transcript to your podcast can increase the chances that Google will show your podcast when someone searches about a topic.

Auto-generated Transcripts

PodServe.fm allows you to upload your audio and then automatically generate a transcript from your audio. No need to go through and type up the content manually. Let our powerful AI do it for you.

For only $0.10/min you can automatically generate a transcript for your podcast. Upload your audio and then click the generate transcript and you are on your way.

Manual Transcripts

Already have your transcript written up? No worries just add it during podcast upload and we will make sure it is listed alongside your podcast episode.

PodServe.fm is part of Podcasting 2.0 and support everything necessary to include a transcript with your podcast.

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