How To Get Your Podcast On Apple Podcasts/iTunes

Step By Step Instructions On How To Submit Your Podcast To Apple Podcasts/iTunes

Posted by Tyler on August 11 2019

Step 0. You Need A Podcast Host

Apple Podcasts does not host podcasts directly. You need a podcast host like to host your podcast first.
Learn About Why You Need A Podcast Host

Step 1. Get An Apple ID

If you already have an Apple ID account you can skip this step. If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod, or have ever used iTunes you probably already have one.
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If you don't have an Apple ID account you will need to create one

- Head here to create an Apple ID

- After that you will need to open the iTunes desktop application ( you can download it here)

- Then after opening the desktop application click "Store">"View Account" and sign in with Apple ID you just created. This will trigger the Terms and Conditions and verify your account.

Step 2. Login to Apple Podcast Connect

Head to Apple Podcast Connect and login with your Apple ID. You will be greeted with the following page.

Apple Podcasts Submit Page

Login To See Your RSS Feed Here

Copy and paste your RSS feed URL into the URL box. After that click the Validate button at the top right. After you click that button all your podcast information should show up. Check your podcast descriptions and titles for any swear words. Even if your podcast is marked explicit you still can't have any swear words in your title or description. This is the most common reason podcasts are not approved by Apple, so make sure your podcast doesn't contain them.

Once everything looks good hit the Submit button. You will receive an email from Apple right away saying they have received your podcast. It will then be about 3-7 days before they approve your podcast. They will send you another email when your podcast is approved.

If you have any questions or run into trouble don't hesitate to contact me by chat using the chat box on the bottom right of this page.

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