How To Get Your Podcast On Stitcher! ( Updated for 2020 )

All of the steps to get your podcast submitted to Stitcher

Posted by Tyler on January 04 2020

Step 0. You Need A Podcast Host

Stitcher does not host podcasts directly. You need a podcast host like to host your podcast first.
Learn About Why You Need A Podcast Host

Step 1. Sign Up As Stitcher Content Provider

Head to Stitcher Content Providers and click the Join Us Today button.

Homepage for Stitcher Partners

Step 2. Paste Your Podcast RSS Feed

Login To See Your RSS Feed Here

Step 3. Confirm It Is Your Email Address

Stitcher will then bring up the email address listed in the podcast RSS feed. They will send an email to that address to confirm you actually own the podcast. If your email address does not show up here then you will have to change the email listed on your RSS feed.

Stitcher Content Providers needs to confirm your email address

Step 4. Create a Stitcher Account.

The final step is to create a Stitcher account. Fill out the requested details and after that you will receive the confirmation email for your podcast. After that you are all done and your podcast should be live on Stitcher shortly.

Create your Stitcher account

If you have any questions feel free to reach out in chat using the chat box at the bottom right of the screen.

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