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The only way to see your Spotify podcast analytics is through their website. The reason for this is because Spotify downloads your podcast onto their servers once and after that does not go through your podcast host. This means your podcast host is unable to track downloads and show them to you. This guide will show you how to get access to those analytics through the Spotify website.

Setup a Spotify Podcast Account

The Spotify Podcasters sign up page

Head to Spotify for Podcasters. You will either need to create a spotify account if you do not have one or login. You will then see the following page.

The Spotify Podcasters welcome page

The next step is to click the Get Started button again. You will need to add your name and agree to the Terms and Conditions then click Continue and you will be greeted with this page.

Add your RSS feed to Spotify

Grab your RSS feed link and paste it into the space provided. On you can find this by clicking your podcast and then clicking the Details link from the drop down. Your RSS feed URL will be listed on that page. After pasting in your RSS feed link it should give you a "Looking good. Let's keep going". If not fix the error they are referring to and click Next.

Your Podcast RSS feed is all good on Spotify

You may be greeted with the following screen. Spotify will need to send a confirmation email to the email address listed for your podcast to confirm it is you. Make sure you have access to this email address. On you can change your podcast email by clicking the show and then clicking Edit in the dropdown menu. Then click the Extra tab and there you can change your podcast email.

Confirm your email for Spotify podcast

Enter the code you received in the email on the following screen.

Input Spotify emailed code

After that you will be prompted to answer some details about your podcast category, location, and language. Fill those out for your podcast.

Add podcast category and details for Spotify

The next page will let you review and make sure everything looks right. If it does click submit.

Make sure Spotify details look correct

That's it, now you can view your Spotify stats by logging into and seeing them there!

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