Are you researching podcast hosts and looking to find an alternative to Buzzsprout? is a great alternative and I'll show you where and Buzzsprout differ.

Differences Between and Buzzsprout Buzzsprout
Create unlimited shows for one price Pay monthly for each additional show
Upload as many episodes per month as you please Limited hours of upload per month. Pay additional for more episodes
Upload your episode and you are done. You get on all podcast platforms ( Apple/Spotify/Amazon/etc ) automatically. After episode upload you need to go to each platform individually to submit your podcast.
Free podcast promotion for all podcasts. Make sure your podcast is noticed No promotion for your podcast
Uploaded files unaltered All uploaded files are modified and reduced to a lower quality
Instantaneous customer support through chat and email Only support available via email

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Unlimited ( ) vs Limited ( Buzzsprout )

The biggest difference between and Buzzsprout is that there are no limits with You don't have to worry about if your episodes are too long each month. You just record and upload your podcast episode and never worry about hitting any limits.

After your first podcast you may have ideas for other podcasts you want to start. At you don't have to worry at all. You can start that new podcast and not worry about having to pay more each month. At Buzzsprout you will be discouraged from creating a new show because you will be paying more each month

Easy Automatic Distribution ( ) vs Manual Distribution ( Buzzsprout )

At as soon as you upload your first episode there is nothing else you need to do. We will do all of the work to get your podcast listed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and all other popular platforms. At Buzzsprout after you upload it is just the beginning. You need to manually visit each platform and submit your podcast to them.

Podcast Promotion ( ) vs No Promotion ( Buzzsprout )

Every podcast that uses for hosting gets free podcast promotion included. makes sure that your podcast is not hidden behind the 100s of thousands of other podcasts out there. Your podcast gets premium positioning on a a popular web app with thousands of visitors a day. At Buzzsprout you don't get any podcast promotion. Your podcast will be hidden behind the 100s of thousands of podcasts out there and it will be all on you to get people to hear it.

Great Customer Support ( ) vs Basic Customer Support ( Buzzsprout ) has the best customer support in the podcast industry. Try it out, chat with us using the chat bubble at the bottom right. You can talk to a real human and ask any question right away. No need to email and wait hours to hear back about your podcast question. Whether it is by chat or through email you can expect an almost instantaneous response at

Premium Audio Quality ( ) vs Downgraded Audio Quality ( Buzzsprout )

At whatever audio you upload is the audio that gets sent to your listeners. We don't downgrade your audio to help us save costs. Your audio stays just the way you recorded it, no interference from us. At Buzzsprout your audio is always downgraded to 96kbps and mono. If you have a great stereo soundscape and 128kpbs bit rate, too bad it will be downgraded at Buzzsprout.

These are the big differences between and Buzzsprout. Hopefully it helps you make an informed decision on the platform you start your podcast on. If you already have a podcast on Buzzsprout and are looking to switch it is simple. Sign up at and we'll help you get migrated. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to chat now and ask.

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