Why Your Church Needs A Podcast

As a church you are already creating great audio content with your weekly sermons. A podcast is a great way to take that weekly sermon and make it available to your congregation. It is also a great way for prospective visitors to get a better idea of what your church is about before they show up. PodServe.fm is here to make it as easy as possible to take your sermons and make them available as a podcast.

Do You Stream Your Church Service?

PodServe.fm has partenered with StreamingChurch.tv to make creating a podcast from your sermons super simple. If you stream your church services with StreamingChurch.tv we can take your saved sermons and automatically turn them into podcasts. If you aren't streaming already check out StreamingChurch.tv. Our platforms are integrated together and any video you add to your streaming church media vault we can automatically convert into an audio podcast. Click here for more details

Reasons To Turn Sermons Into Podcasts

Sermons Available Everywhere Anytime

Currently the sermons your pastor worked so hard to prepare can only be heard at your church on the Sunday they are given. After the day is over that sermon is lost never to be heard again. If you instead record that sermon, save it as an MP3 and upload it to PodServe.fm we make sure it is available everywhere at any time forever.

Refresher During The Week

Sometimes you will hear a great sermon on Sunday but come Wednesday morning you already forgot exactly what it was about. If you turn that sermon into a podcast you can come back during the week and listen to the sermon again on your drive into work or while you are doing your laundry. Getting that refresher during the week can really drive home the message you heard on Sunday.

Evangelism Tool

It can be difficult at times to get a friend or neighbor to come into church. It is a lot of effort and causes a lot of social anxiety to show up in person for a new comer. It isn't hard though to recommend a great sermon to a friend to get them to virtually come to your church during their drive in to work. If your friend likes what they hear they will start tuning in every week. After a while it will feel like they are already attending your church and actually going in won't be as scary for them.

Promote Your Church

A podcast is a great way to bring your message to people all over the Earth. At PodServe.fm we promote your podcast to thousands of people which is something you won't get from any other host. Learn more about how we promote Although these people may never make it to a church service in person they can still be a part of your church. They can find your podcasts online and start tuning in every week. Your message can be heard all over the world instead of just by the people that can make it to church each week.

Out Of Town? Still Catch Church

There are times where church members will be travelling or unable to make it into church on Sunday. If you aren't podcasting your church sermons they are out of luck and won't be able to hear that week's message. Instead if your church is podcasting all your sermons they can catch up during the week from wherever they are at.

How Does PodServe.fm Help?

We make it extremely easy to start a podcast. All you will need to do is get an MP3 version of your sermon. After that you sign up here. Create a podcast show and tell us where you would like your podcast listed (eg iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, etc) . After that upload your MP3 and you are done. We will get your podcast listed everywhere you would like it to be available.