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Free Podcast Promotion

In this section I will go over some of the free ways to promote your podcast and get your first listeners.

Promotion Swap With Other Podcasters

A great way to promote your podcast is by swapping podcast promotions with another podcast in your niche. Join a podcast facebook group and reach out to other podcasters with a similar audience type and size and swap promotion on each others podcasts for an episode or two.

Be A Guest On A Podcast

Checkout Reddit or join a podcasting facebook group and let people know you are available to be a guest on their podcast. There are a bunch of podcasters always looking for more guests on their podcast and it is a great way for you to expand you and your podcasts reach.

Leverage Your Guests Audience

If your podcast has guests be sure to give them links and content they can share with their audience when your podcast is released. Make sure to give your guest a little heads up before their episode comes out so that they can promote your podcast episode with them on it as much as possible

Prompt Listeners To Subscribe

Although it may seem obvious, but make sure you prompt your listeners to subscribe to your podcast. You don't want your listeners having to seek you out every week for each new episode. Instead once they are subscribed your episodes will automatically show up in their feed each week and most likely they are going to give it a listen.

A secondary effect of getting your listeners to subscribe is that it is one of the biggest ranking factors for moving up the Apple Podcasts charts. Since over 50% of podcast listening occurs on Apple Podcasts showing up higher on their charts is always a good thing.

Be Active On Social Media

Social media is one of the best free marketing tools there is but it takes a lot of work. Just because it takes a lot of work doesn't mean you should ignore it though. Make sure you are posting every one of your episodes on social media with appropriate hashtags to help discoverability. People won't follow your social media just for you posting about each episode so in between episodes be sure to keep the posts/tweets flowing. Be sure to interact with other people in your podcast niche to help grow your social media and podcast following.

The previous section was all about free ways to promote your podcast, but it may be worth your time and money to try out some paid podcast promotion strategies.

Overcast.fm Ads

Whenever I am asked what is the best place to spend money if I want to promote my podcast I recommend Overcast.fm's ad platform. Depending on your podcast niche it can be pretty pricey but the bang for your buck to get listeners can't be beat. The prices will vary but I have heard of people getting subscribers for $3-4 per subscriber.

Castro.fm Ads

A new comer to the podcast app advertising space is Castro.fm's ad platform. Unlike Overcast.fm, Castro.fm is a flat fee for all categories. You just pay the fee and your podcast will start being promoted on their app. If Overcast.fm is out of your price range, currently Castro.fm is much cheaper.

Podbay.fm Ads

Podbay.fm is an online podcast listening app with thousands of visitors a day. You can get your podcast in front of these visitors one day at a time. It is cheaper than the other options so you can give it a try without dropping quite as much cash. If it works for you then you can purchase more days of promotion.

Buy Ads On Podcasts

Reach out to the bigger podcasts in your podcast niche and see what they charge for advertising. You should be able to find a podcast that will fit your budget that you can buy ads on. You know the listeners to the ad already listen to podcasts so targeting them can be an effective way to grow your podcast.


There are lots of free and paid way to promote your podcast so I recommend trying a few of them and see which one resonates best for your podcast. The most important thing for podcast growth is consistency and good content so make sure you continue to work on that with every podcast release.

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