So you have uploaded your latest podcast episode to PodServe but it hasn't shown up on all of the platforms yet? The reason for this is simple.

After you have been approved on the podcast apps, the podcast apps will ask PodServe throughout the day "Can you give me a list of all the current episodes of this podcast?". PodServe will respond to those requests with a list of all of your latest episodes. After the podcast apps get the current list of podcasts episodes they will update their app accordingly.

This means that there will be a delay between when you upload to PodServe and when your podcast shows up on the podcast apps. You have to wait until the podcast apps ask PodServe for a list of the latest episodes before they will update. Since the podcast apps only ask once every few hours it will be a bit before your latest episode shows up on all the different platforms.

Some apps will be instant because they ask PodServe for a current list of new episodes whenever someone clicks on your podcast. People who are subscribed to you on Apple Podcasts for instance will get your latest episode as soon as they ask for an update even if the actual Apple Podcasts listing does not have the episode yet. This is another reason to encourage your listeners to subscribe, it makes sure they get the latest episodes right when they are released.

Be sure to account for this delay when scheduling a podcast episodes release date. If you release a podcast at 8am it is possible it won't be on all the different apps until 5pm. If you want the podcast to be available right in the morning consider scheduling the release for 2am to make sure it is on all app by 8am.

Note: All of the above direction assumes you are already approved on the different podcast apps. If you are looking to get your podcast on all the different apps just chat with me using the chat button at the bottom right of the page

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2021 Update: How To Get Your Podcast On Apple Podcasts/iTunes

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