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So you have recorded your first podcast episode and now you are ready to upload to Apple Podcasts ( iTunes was renamed to Apple Podcasts in 2017, so Apple Podcasts and iTunes are synonymous now ) and Spotify so everyone can listen to it. Well actually you can't just upload your podcast directly to Apple Podcasts like you would say upload a video to YouTube. You will first need to find a podcast hosting service like to host your podcast.

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Submit Your RSS Feed

Now that you have a podcast host and have uploaded your first podcast episode you should have an RSS feed for your podcast. Your RSS feed is the guide that tells platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify where they will be able to find all your podcast episodes. When you record and upload new episodes they will get added automatically to your RSS feed. Spotify and Apple Podcasts will then check that RSS feed multiple times a day to see if you have new episodes for them to grab. When they see new episodes on that RSS feed they will list them on their platform.

I have put together some guides on how to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts and Spotify specifically now that you have your RSS feed:

How To Submit Your Podcast To Apple Podcasts/iTunes

How To Submit Your Podcast To Spotify

Wait Patiently

Now that you have your podcast submitted to these platforms it is time to wait patiently. Spotify is usually pretty quick at approving podcasts and will get them listed within a few hours. Apple Podcasts will test your patience though because it will be 3-7 days before they approve your podcast and start listing it on their platform.

Luckily you only need to do this whole process once. After you are approved your new episodes will show up automatically after you upload them to your podcast host.

If you have any questions about getting your podcast submitted feel free to send me a message using the chat button at the bottom right of this page.

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