The Secret Simple Step

The one secret step to get your podcast on 100s of podcast apps is to get approved on Apple Podcasts. Here is a guide if you haven't done that already.

You may be thinking, "Wait? Apple Podcasts is only one platform I want to be on 100s". You are correct that Apple Podcasts is one platform, but they serve as a master copy that any podcast app can use to see which podcasts are on Apple Podcasts.

This means that you don't have to go submit your podcast to 100s of different apps. Just submit to Apple Podcasts and all of the smaller apps will have you listed once you are approved.

A selection of the 100s of apps

Now I will attempt to make a list of all the apps your podcast will be on once you are approved on Apple Podcasts. Though it will never be fully conclusive. New podcast apps are emerging every day and there is no way to know about all of them or keep up but here is a small list:

All it takes is submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts to be on all of the apps listed above and more! So make sure you get your podcast on Apple Podcasts to make sure people just about everywhere can listen.

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